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local businesses

  •  Create Digital Coupons – Allows businesses to let their DB know specials happening. Go to Coupons
  •  Social Media S/O (shout outs) – Better to have a 3rd party bragging about what you do, rather than just you!
  •  Business Blogs for your Business; History, Products, Services – We tell your story.  See a Story
  •  Opportunity to be a Sponsor at our Neighbourhood Network Event – Gift Certificates, food or beverage sponsor, gift sponsor.
  • FREE SERVICE – these are all complimentary services for local businesses! Our GIVE before ask philosophy. All we ask is once we have served, you can feel confident referring our Team when real estate comes up in conversation. 

neighbourhood event series


Our Neighbourhood Network Event Series  by  is  an  opportunity for community leaders, businesses and residents to meet in a social setting to discuss each others passions and roles within our community. Speakers will range from local businesses, professionals, community associations, large community event organizers, city representatives and elected officials. Food, beverage and prizes from local businesses will be abundant. We look forward to an energetic room with bringing all these false creek stakeholders together.


  •   To engage  local  residents to attend a social,  educational  function within  their  building or a neighbourhood location while gaining exposure to local businesses and ILFC


  • Party/amenity rooms within residential multifamily buildings or large scale partnered businesses


  • Educational components. Every  event will  have a 5  minute Real  Estate Investment segment, 5 minute segment with  Local Professionals– lawyers, mortgage brokers, business owners.
  • 5 minute segment for Local Organizations –  City of Vancouver, Downtown Business Associations, Non-profit organizations such as Dragon Boat races, Spot Prawn Festival.
  • Past speakers have been: Senior City Planner for NE False Creek, representative from the Advisory Board for NE False Creek.



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