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NNE III – Third time a charm!

Third Time is a Charm

Third time lucky was the anecdote to be used in the title, but it doesn’t seem to be luck that is required for this group. The pulled off their 3rd successful Neighbourhood Network – Event Series event on Wednesday night. The team is getting very comfortable with their hosting abilities and delivering an enjoyable evening as you can tell by many factors.

1)     Full House – once again we were sold out at capacity. Guests are to be thanked for their punctuality, openness to meet new people and share ideas throughout the evening.

2)     Attention to and compliments of speakers and presentation delivery – guests were very vocal in sharing their positive feedback about the evening in whole, but also the style of delivery of the presentation. Shaun T. Carson,’s Managing Director, was on his game as moderator to 2 very qualified public speakers; David Ford of and Galya Westler of Plazus Technologies Inc. We changed the content of speakers this month from a community planning theme to business success… more to the speaker’s content later.

3)     Staying late – we saw at minimum 80% of our guests stay for at least 30 mins after the speakers to share in the energy of the night and shake a few new hands. I am sure the champagne and craft beer being offered helped too!

Behran, owner Caveman Café, was our gracious food host for the night and delivered amazingly healthy food options from light lasagna to paleo pizza…. Yes a crust (base) with no grains or gluten…. It does exist! We were also given insight to Behran’s life and health transition by eliminating unnecessary sugars and eliminating chemicals and any kind of processed food from his diet and his proceeding health benefits.

Caveman Café


Craft beer from Philips Brewery in Victoria and Proseco sparkling wine were supplied by Legacy Liquor store, a committed supporter of our monthly community event.

Our 1st speaker, David Ford from iwanttoown, gave us some insight to his business development process in advancing from a 1-man show to a team delivering 15 times the production levels of when working by himself. He noted mentorship, patience, and attention to the non-revenue generating activities that helped in structuring the business were keys to his success.

Galya Westler, from Plazus, was able to share her vision of the future re: online and social marketing. Many people in the room saw her words as concept as marketing and communication via social communities is arising due to email, as a marketing tool and internal communication medium, is becoming obsolete. This is akin to talking about SEO optimization in 2003 when SEO optimization finally became a generally recognized term 10 years later. We received a glimpse to the future tonight thanks to Galya.

Shaun T. Carson closed our night with insight to what are the benefits and risks associated with Pre-Sale  real estate investments. He gave the audience some insights to current pre-sale market in Vancouver as the min entry point can be expected to be in the $1,200 – $1,400/sq ft. Most pertinent to his time on the mic was application for would be pre-sale investors. Shaun gave the audience insight to the best deal in pre-sales at the moment in all of Metro Vancouver; $1,000/sq in close proximity to DT Vancouver. Contact Shaun to find out what that development is ????

Our next Neighbourhood Network Event is scheduled to be April 18th. Keep an eye on our Event calendar on for RSVP link when we release tickets.

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