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Did you know that False Creek once sprawled as far east as Clarke Dr? Did you know that False Creek was originally planned to be filled in right up to English Bay past the Burrard Bridge? These were some great insights about our community that we learned last Tuesday at NNIV. 

Our invited guest, Sam Sullivan past MLAVancouver False Creek, shared with us some great historical insight to False Creek’s recent emergence and contemporary development. Sam’s track record as Mayor allowed him to insight to share the storied history of Walter Hardwick who was a cornerstone figure in saving False Creek as a water feature, boat safe haven, and commuting lane thousands enjoy today.  As the story goes, Walter had full intention to save False Creek as a water basin and not to be filled as the easternmost areas had been. His strategy was to obtain grants and build the banks (which is now home to our sea wall). Once the banks were complete, they held the water levels to a controlled area, visually the voters and leaders in Vancouver could see the reality of keeping False Creek in tact. Sam also gave the attendees an overview of his role in our provincial government.

Our 2nd guest speaker came from Sole Foods Urban Farms. In 7 years Sold Foods has grown to be North Americas largest urban farm project! Right here in our backyard of False Creek. Of its 5 locations the most visual is the series of garden boxes in Concord Pacific’s parking lot area just SE of Rogers Arena. The urban farms can be found in 5 unused and contaminated spaces within the city empowering 18-25 people who are managing addiction and chronic mental health problems. Sole Food’s representative, Alain has worked with the organization since its inception and credits the stable work environment and network of social support as great contributor to him finding his way to a sober, healthy and productive lifestyle that he can support his family. A true heart warming story and example of the greatness that Sole Foods brings to the DTES and our community. They produce 20-25 tonnes of food a year and can be found at the following farmer’s markets: Queen Elizabeth Theater, Thursdays 11-3pm (June 1 – Oct 5), Main Street Station Wed 3-6 (May 31 – Oct 5) and Trout Lake Saturday 9-3pm (May 6 – Oct 21).

Empowering individuals with limited resources who are managing addiction and chronic mental health problems.

Let there be wine! What a great treat to have fine Italian wines served. Italo Fionda from Vinea Wines brought 2 great selections to share with the crowd. After your first sip, you know you have something special. I now know why people say a sipping wine, because you want to savour every flavour and moment of this artistic beverage. Italo has extended a great special to and our guest, clients, local residents and business owners. $700 for a case of wine is the standard that Italo will make happen for $400. Ask the team for details.

Where would one be with wine and no food, up to no good. A big thanks to Urban Fare for their charcuterie, vegetable and desert platters. 7-9pm can find some people without dinner, so this certainly made our guest comfortable and helped to keep them smiling.

Our Investment Realtor, Shaun T. Carson, gave us some statistical summary to recent sales in False Creek. He also gave the attendees some insight to opportunities that investors are finding with older multifamily buildings that are looking into the strata windup process and that are being pursued by developers.

Keep up with our Events calendar for the date for Neighbourhood Network – Event Series V.

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