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Not the New Kid on the Block

aqua sushi bar

To the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur! The First Mover – Deron opened AQUA Juice bar as one of the 1st businesses in Olympic Village in False Creek. Many of the buildings in the neighbourhood weren’t even built yet! Local Customers…. had steel toed boots on. Construction workers did and still do provide much of the Lunch time volume…. Good appetites they have. But not enough walk-in traffic for the business’ beginnings.

aqua sushi and bar tables

Door knocking south across 2nd Ave into the business district of False Creek was an initial and continued strategy for AQUA; dropping off menus and delivering orders. Deron even sets up buffets at local businesses for the staff to come out, pick their gold and pay right there at their work. If enough people were not coming through his doors, he went through their doors with his product.

Now the menu.

Creativity is keeping the cat alive! Arguably this is one of the most in-tune menus I have ever seen. You know this business is listening to its clientele….. yes sushi freaks of Vancouver…. And AQUA sushi is leading the way.

1) Kale goma-ae (not spinach)
2) Wild Salmon (not farmed)
3) REAL Crab Meat (not mystery meat)
4) Vegan Chick’n Teriyaki Roll – texture like chick’n w/out the chick’n
5) Low Carb (no rice) rolls
6) Quinoa Sushi Cones.

aqua juicesushi conesushisushi conebowlaqua juice

The titles say all that is required. How do they taste…. Get off your keester. Bring a friend, impress a friend and leave your loyalty card at the register like everyone else does! Welcome to Fresh…. Welcome to AQUA!

Craving for some sushi now?! Click Here and visit Aqua Sushi + Juice Bar website!

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