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Lillian Wei Registered Acupuncturist R.Ac

Not Just Needlin’

I walillian wei lked out of the office feeling… balanced. Everything from my heart rate, my breathing and mind was calm and the last thing I wanted to do was look at my phone. I wanted this feeling of contentedness and soaking up the moment of ‘Now’ for as long as possible before my conscious decided that it was time to start deliberating the next activities of the day and beyond. I couldn’t help but smile and realize this is the state of mind of healing and strength, and was most surprised with the process that got me here.

As always when you enter the doors of a healing center your senses are catered to with the white glove treatment. Smiles on the faces, positive messages on the walls and always great scents. A feeling of safety and incubation that this next hour delivers makes it always a special time. After our introduction and signing in process we made our way to healing room. Lillian brings an excited presence; either out of confidence of knowing the healing she brings to her new friend or genuine interest to find out… who is this guy. After 7 to 10 mins of conversation I start to think…. When are we going to start with the needles? 5 more minutes of me talking, answering her questions I am beginning to feel uneasy that I am losing healing time. Lillian was dissecting my lifestyle, my work life, my philosophies to learn where is the stress coming from.

We all have stress. Lillian was finding out where the stress was coming from, as it determines where in the body it affects. Stress sources such as: financial, relationships, anxiety all manifest itself in different areas of the body. It seems that stress in my life accumulates itself in my liver & spleen. Our 20 min chat felt more like a counselling session, which is not why I was here, but quickly realized its importance. Lillian was also involved in the business to business environment before changing gears to becoming health practitioner. She was able to relate to my perspectives, my stresses, my financial needs and the uncertainty of business and revenue streams. She knew exactly where my stress was going, which mapped out her healing targets.

Laying on my back she began with the small needles into my hands, joints and I am sure all over my body. I kept my eyes closed trying to feel the transition into some other state telling me I was healing. We have this need in today’s world of immediate gratification and immediate effect which is why taking pills and massage can make sense as we sometime can feel the effects immediately. I could sense that something special was happening with the energy in my body being lit up in many areas. The visual of hot springs popping up all over the body and a pool of energy all over me. I felt alert and aware of the surrounding, yet calm and confident of the moment. I opened my eyes periodically and it seemed the ceiling was waving like disrupted water surface.  

Lillian returned to remove the needles and asked if I wanted the suction cups. I heard about Michael Phelps, the Olympian swimmer using suction cups and saw pictures of the round purple pigments from use. I said of course, rolled to my back and was excited for another new experience. My back was the physical source for healing, so I was looking forward to the suction cups. Warm cups on the back and the idea of the suction improving the blood flow in the troubled areas made logical sense to me. There was no pain, and little sensation with the suction cups. I was so calm and relaxed going into this part of the healing; everything felt right.

And it was done. It began with a conversation; wide eyes watching me that showed genuine interest to know what was happening in my life, an attentive ear catching all the details, and genuine compassion and insight to my circumstance. This experience was much more than needles and physical pain relief. It was the cause/effect discovery allowing my healer the insight to treat troubled areas, and wisdom through her experience allowing her to relate and respond.



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