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Reflexology – Flexibility not required!

yvonne viel reflexology

In the heart of Yaletown, 1118 Homer St, sits an aromatic studio with a reclining chair, soft music and magic hands to de-stress and heal Vancouveritesʼ. This was my 2nd exposure to Reflexology. I was very excited on my 1st experience to learn that pressure points in the feet can affect nearly all areas of the body including organs, lymphatic systems, hormones, circulation and inflammation. “How Reflexology works is based on the premise that there are reflex points in the hands, feet, and ears corresponding via nerve pathways of the nervous systems and zones” – Yvonne Viel, YV Reflexology Practitioner.

Our 1st step, was to take the shoes and socks off which I was excited for. I always am in a hurry to get into bare feet at home, other peopleʼs homes, beach… anywhere. Gentle touching of my feet began the nerve stimulation in a standing position call Vertical Reflexology Therapy. I realize I started smiling and laughing immediately. If you are trying to heal from anything or de-stress, you know this is a good start.

I then took to the comfortable, firm, chair in a lounge position. Yvonne then began the Quantum Facial. Extremely light touch on the face and head not only felt pampering but initiates lymph drainage (not sure what that means but Iʼm sure itʼs a good thing), creating a calm, relaxing and stimulating sensation allowing full body healing.

Getting to the control center, my calm body was able to allow touch to my normally super sensitive feet area. A couple compliments on one of our perceived ‘uglyʼ parts and I knew my therapist was engaged and happy to be there, which in turn relaxed me. During the pressure points in the feet I would interrupt Yvonne and ask here what areas of the body were being benefitted. Hearing named organs such as colon, intestinal tract, and kidneys was exciting with a touch of wonderment that the control panel for these ‘insidesʼ were between the toes and heel. At one point in my constant jabbering of inquiries I realized my throat felt tighter than before and at that exact time she was working that area of the body. That was my ahhhh ha moment. In a society that demands immediate satisfaction, acute response to stimuli whether through drug remedies or massage where we feel the results… I was able to relate consciously to the healing process.

I felt an amazing calm throughout the body and feeling of Oneness. I didnʼt feel that my arm & legs and feet were appendages separate from the whole. I felt like all of my body was One and in rhythm. After reading my post-treatment report it was re-iterated to me how integral that calm, state of relaxation and removal of stress improves the bodyʼs ability to effectively respond to illness and heal.

Where and when to Reflex?
I was very impressed to hear that reflexology treats:

1) Back, elbow, knee and ankle pain.
2) Allergies – attending to mucus and inflammation from the source.
3) Maternity – morning sickness, breast swelling, swollen ankles, widening hips, mood swings and sciatica pain.
4) Diabetes – pancreas balance, swelling > lymphatic balance.
5) Liver – detox – toning.
6) Gallbladder toning.
7) Bells Palsy – proven to be effective.

Just to mention a few.
I felt a little light headed at the end. You know increased circulation has happened at this point and the relaxed breathing for an hour ensured that my body was fully oxygenated.


This was NOT just a de-stressing, soft touch massage with wild claims of internal organ aid. This is a measurable and scientific process. Observation of reflexology practices have been done within MRI technology showing that the areas that are claimed to be affected… are. This is not guess work.

Further benefits to this healing process is the option to be treated/assisted without drugs. When I think of issues with any organ, my 1st thought of treatment is prescribed drugs. When looking back at the list of areas I listed above; my initial thought for all the ailments conditionally lead me to think prescribed drugs.

If you are looking for a treatment option alternatives for many ailments that the body can encounter, definitely consider the science of Reflexology.

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