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Property Management

Looking for an expert who can manage your property can help.for rent

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Property Management Services

  • Rental Value Assessment
  • Photo shoot of your property
  • ASAP Showings
  • Tenant screening & selection (including detailed application, verification of credit, employment, references, etc.)
  • Security & pet deposit collection
  • Monthly rent collection
  • Lease renewals & rent increases (if applicable)
  • Move in/out condition reports
  • Regular property inspections
  • Arranging property maintenance & repairs ( owners will receive calls or emails, and no mark-up or hidden cost)
  • Monthly & annual property expense and income statements
  • Non- resident tax withhold and filing (fees may apply for filing with government)

Applicable Fees: Tenant finders fee, contract renewal fee, property management fee, unscheduled visit fee.

If you have any inquires about our property management services, please contact us.

Rental Services:

  • Customized property search
  • ASAP Showings

Applicable Fees: Home finder fee (50% of the first month rent).

If you have any inquires about our rental services, please contact us.

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