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Welcome to my Cave

There is a movement happening in Vancouver. Its not necessarily a shift in perspective or lifestyle but a physical migration for food. To where…. 88 W Pender. This is definitely not Yaletown or Coal Harbour but its attracting their residents while also serving those who not only want but need a healthy food option at a reasonable price. Welcome to the Caveman Café.

A restaurant with a bold name, in a bold area of Vancouver, with a bold menu, is catching attention throughout the downtown core. Caveman offers the only Paleo menu in Vancouver while serving vegetarians and gluten free options from its menu offerings.

This is clean eating at its finest. ALL products deliver exactly what they say. No GMO, no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial anything. Even grains are beyond scientific food evolution in some dishes served as paleo options. If you are curious, what is this paleo style you speak of Writer? When you walk into Caveman Café put yourself back 10,000’s years and imagine a Café being there… this is what would be served. Direct from the ground or direct from the spear to your hands, to your mouth.

Caveman’s specialty to meet our modern palette needs are its Pizza offerings. Gluten free is the easy crust option but they also offer a paleo pizza option; 7 veggie fusion base (crust) called the Caveman Pizza

Its been a year now since their first offering. Eat in, take-out, meal prep and catering are convenient options to eat healthy via the café. Thoughts are already burgeoning; envisioning growth and new locations but a cool resistance is taken by Bahran, Caveman’s owner, knowing that growth must be respected and taken on gradually. He has seen success in sales volume, as he must, due to his modest pricing of his offerings. Meals at $10 that could easily fetch $20 anywhere else in the city. Understanding that many of the residents in his neighbourhood NEED a healthy food option at a reasonable price, he has sacrificed profit margins to meet that need. Bahran is a healthy man and wants to deliver healthy food. He is also a healthy man of heart and spirit to welcome ALL into his restaurant to feed naturally from our earth and not our laboratories.

Lunchtime lineups make you happy knowing that success is happening at the health level, neighbourhood connection level and most of all compassion to keep one’s neighbour healthy.

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