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Zend Conscious Lounge for the Win!

zend conscious lounge logo was lucky enough to have Zend Conscious Lounge be our food sponsor for our February Neighbourhood Network – Event Series II.

Zend embodies a lifestyle and is more than just another restaurant in Yaletown, vowing its success on three strong pillars the lounge truly believes in. These three pillars are really what Steve Curtis, founder of Zend, struggled and found out to be key in his healing journey through his St age 4 Lymphoma cancer.

Healthy Food: You are what you eat! Zend believes that how you feel reflects with what you are putting into your body as fuel. At the lounge, everything is organic, fresh & local plant-based dishes. Their head chef, Lex Ambrose, really puts her heart into our dishes by innovating flavor profiles for a multitude of fresh ingredients. Lex’s goal is to have a full alkaline-based menu, full of health-conscious yet delicious seasonal options.

Healthy Drink: Zend is in fact, a non alcoholic lounge. They believe that the best connections with one another are when you are focused, clear and yourself! They are Canada’s first Kava bar – Kava being a tropical natural medicine used in the islands of South Pacific for over 3,000 years  – it is actually a member of the pepper family of plants. They also have a botanical bar, full of fresh-pressed juices, hearty smoothies & Kava cocktails, just for that sober night out.

Community: The Zend lounge is used a communal event space where public and private events are hosted in the hopes of connecting people on a mindful level. #Zendtalks are every Tuesday and are a perfect example of that. A variety of speakers are invited within different fields ranging from life coaches, charities and business speakers. The goal with #Zendtalks is for guests to come learn about something they do not know on a daily basis, network with like-minded people & have a safe space in doing so.

Steve Curtis is the founder of the Zend Conscious Lounge. He struggled with drug addiction, alcoholism & a hectic work schedule from such a young age of 20. His body couldn’t keep up and sadly, did fight itself. He was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer and had the prognosis of barely 3 years to live. Due to this, he went on a spiritual journey in bettering his mentality before his death. Along the way, he found the 3 pillars really aided in his recovery. He is currently 10 years cancer-free and hopes to spread his story to many people struggling with terminal illnesses.

Steve found Kava Kava as a botanical piece during his cancer journey. Kava Kava is a root from the Polynesian area and it’s the national ceremonial drink of Fiij, referred to as the elixir of the gods for thousands of years. Kava Kava has a soothing effect on one’s body. Its effect is to help ease your soul, relax your body & allows for an open mind. The lounge gets the Zend from a noble variety in Vanuatu but locally processes it in North Vancouver. Many use Kava Kava as an anti-depressant, sleep, energy or anxiety. It’s truly a mild yet pleasing experience to have a botanical drink that gives you no hangover yet the feeling of clarity.

You can try the infamous Kava Kava drink yourself, by stopping by Zend Conscious Lounge at 1130 Mainland Street today!

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